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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 2nd and LAST of our Farmer's Market-ing

I haven't written in a while because I was busy interviewing for "big-girl" jobs and had to make a quick trip up to see my grandma who fell, couldn't get up, and acquired pneumonia in the process.  She's doing okay in her nursing home and even asked how the "bobsey twins"  (the two old chit-chat ladies) were doing, one morning at breakfast.  Yes, some of my wit may have come from her.

On Wednesday I was asked by Tom, the man behind the Main Street Cultural District (MSCD) Farmer's Market if I would be willing to work this Saturday.  He indicated that one vendor that WAS doing the market occasionally has just turned to full-time.  So this would inevitably be my last time.  I must say-- I am a little relieved.  You would think that spending the day baking for a farmer's market would be similar to Christmas cookie or Thanksgiving prep time.  It's not.  I'm not sure why-- because I DO LOVE Christmas cookie and Thanksgiving meal preparations.

Anyway- I have learned that if you're only making 1 item (cinnamon rolls), it's much easier.  And, thankfully, April (whose vendor insurance we're using) pitched in to make some WONDERFUL mini loaves of soda bread.

I made a total of 80 rolls with a 50/50 split between cinnamon rolls and pecan cinnamon rolls...these are how they came out:

Willy (below) was enjoying the shade- this is how our table turned out.  If we were going to be at the market a couple more times, I TOTALLY would have bought a vinyl sign to drape across our back. Instead, I just printed out another one of our logos on plain paper.  :D

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