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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Main Street Cultural District Farmer's Market

This past weekend sure was a busy one! On Thursday I was approved to have a stall at the farmer's market to sell baked goods. On Friday, Willy (the hubs) and I went to Sam's Club to purchse baking supplies.  After paying the application & stall fees, I got to baking!  We had the farmer's market on Saturday and on Sunday we had a house full of people to celebrate the 4th of July.  All of it was fun, but I'm on here to share with you about our farmer's market experience!

"The Sweet Bean" is what we're calling our stand (see previous post) and will be selling a variety of baked goods- mostly sweet and a couple savory items will make an appearance over the next 14 weeks.  We will be at the farmer's market occasionally, so we won't be there the FULL 14 weeks.

For our first time out we sold vanilla bean iced cinnamon rolls, pecan cinnamon rolls with orange-vanilla bean icing, ginger pecan muffins, and rhubarb scones.

Look @ the rhubarb drop scones that were a HUGE hit (we sold over 40)!

                                                                 The dough:

The finished scones.

We also sold 40+ cinnamon rolls AND 40+ orange pecan cinnamon rolls! (we made only 45 or so of each)
These are the cinnamon pecan rolls with orange-vanilla bean frosting.

Lastly we sold out of all of the ginger pecan muffins.

Our tent looked like this:
This is from out front a bit (see the cool blue tent we found in the trash?!)

Closer up--> we ended up rearranging a bit, but this was at the VERY beginning of the market.

Next time we have a stall- our signs will be poster sized, but this is what our first signs looked like:
The bulletin board had our menu, our logo, and a little "thank you for visiting" section.

In addition to our products being A HUGE success, we made friends with Matt Goodman, whose stand was right next to ours. Some of you may know him as the guy who started the gyro stands in Ames (Post on Mr. Goodman coming later).  In fact, we are thinking of coming up with a joint product just for the market... bretzel rolls with spicy hummus and tzatziki anyone?  SQUEE!

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